We moved Blog to improve for you


Over the years since I started blogging I have been noting the feedback I receive about my blog so I can better serve you.

Some of the feedback included;

  • Need more professional page layout
  • Need to add video
  • Need pod cast, audio files
  • My favorite ; “you need to eat your own dog food and tell us the problems you solve”


Based on your feedback, with the help of Business Blogging Pros, I now have a new blog at www.nosmokeandmirrors.com .

For those of you who subscribe to my blog via email, please visit and subscribe.

Thank you for the feedback and I am committed to providing improved content and overall experience. Thank you for the comments and please let me know how I can better serve your needs to grow your business profitably.

Mark Allen Roberts


“Leader, You Don’t Have to Go It Alone!”


When I asked CEO’s and business leaders where they turn when they face a problem in their business I heard two common answers and one that disturbed me. The common answers were;

  • I call someone in my network


  • I talk to my spouse


However the answer that also bubbled to the top frequently was;

  • nowhere,… that is what I am paid to do, solve problems so I figure it out


The third response disturbed me… when did business leaders decide they need to go it alone? When was it decided we need to have all the answers? I tell my clients in fact I do not have all the answers,… but I do , based on my experience know what questions to ask.

So let me get this straight….

  • if you want to improve your golf  game you have no problem hiring a pro for a few lessons


  • If you want to get fit you join a gym and hire a personal trainer


  • If you sprain your back you see a doctor ,enter a rehab program with a physical therapist to get you back in shape and out of pain


But if your business has a problem…you feel you must go it alone based on your gut?


Market leaders have the emotional intelligence to know what they know as well as what they do not know. They seek help from experts that complement their gifts and realize faster and much more profitable growth.


So where do you turn when your business needs help? Why?


“Leader, You Don’t Have to Go It Alone!”

Are Your Salespeople Playing “Feature and Benefit BINGO?”

Are your salespeople costing you revenue you should be winning by playing “feature and benefit BINGO?” The only way you truly know is if you or your VP of sales is traveling and working in the market with your sales team.

Feature and benefit BINGO is a game untrained salespeople play far too often. They “show up and then they throw up” and they spew all the features and benefits they can think of waiting for your buyer to jump up and yell”…BINGO….I get it….I figured out what problems you can solve for me…”


Market leading salespeople ask questions and take the time to listen and understand the problems, the pain their buyers are experiencing and they position their product and or services as solutions to those problems.

As a quick litmus test, ask yourself who talked more in the meeting? Your buyer… or your salesperson? If it was your salesperson I promise you they are showing up and throwing up and it’s costing you sales revenues you could have won.

Are you playing feature and benefit BINGO in other areas?

Your website?


Your sales training?