Do you need a “Plan B”? Or are you betting the Farm on a Stretch Goal?


I have to love whoever drives this scooter parked outside of McDonalds Sunday morning. I had a cup of coffee and as I walked to my car, I see this scooter.

Here’s a person who drives a vehicle that what, gets 500 miles to the galloon and they still have a “plan B”? As I walked by I noticed the 2 1/2 gallon gas can strapped to the back. family pics 068

As I drove away I thought how in these uncertain economic times it is prudent for leaders to have a plan B in case their business runs out of gas. Nothing sucks the energy out of a team like fear. I find when I am fearful I am not creative and I am in a defensive mode and no longer leading. When I wrote Is your leadership in a holding pattern while your team runs out of gas? I discussed how our teams are more fearful than ever before. The Bible is also very clear about fear. Throughout the Bible we are instructed to “fear not”. As a matter of fact the only thing the Bible talks about more than fear is “money”.

Market leaders develop goals that do not require “all the stars to be in alignment” to achieve them. Market leaders have plan B’s in the event the environment changes to insure they achieve their objectives. You can establish stretch goals, and that is healthy for your business and your team members. When we are forced to stretch we grow. Where market losers blow it is when they “bet the farm” on a stretch goal.

How about your business…

Are you asking your team to strive for a stretch goal that requires all the stars to be in alignment (when chances are your own sales and marketing are not on the same page)?

Do you have a Plan B?

Have you shared your Plan B?

What is your team’s greatest fear? And how do you plan to lead them through it?


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