Five questions a radio preacher asks to see if your business is heading in the wrong direction


Each day I listen to a Christian radio station as I drive to lunch. It’s not unusual that a preacher is sharing and often I find myself parking my car and taking notes. Yesterday was no exception as Chuck Swindoll was sharing five questions to know if we as believers are headed in the wrong direction.


As I quickly grabbed some take out and returned to the office I thought how the wisdom he shared could help businesses who may be headed in the wrong direction. Below are his five questions shaped to apply to you and your business.


1. Do you find yourself fighting greater battles within than without?



2. Is there more attention on one versus the team? (kingdom building)




3. Do you feel you don’t need the Lord’s help in your business?



4. Are criticisms of your leadership and your business quickly dismissed versus taken seriously and respected?




5. Are consequences of sin are no longer feared? ( as a reminder, the definition of sin is “missing the mark”)



For a preacher who jokingly said he has a “face for radio” I find myself feeling very thankful for his sharing the wisdom found in the Bible. I find the Bible is an amazing resource of wisdom that can be applied instantly to circumstances we face as leaders in our business.


So how did you answer the above the above?


How is your team reacting to the challenges of today? Do they need to just STOP or are they “blame-storming?”


Do you find team members (you?) worried about how an individual may look versus the performance of your team?


Are you your own God? Is your ego preventing you from asking for the lord to bless you, your business, and your customers? (After all, EGO does stand for: Edging God Out) Are you counting on your gut and intuition?


How well does your senior leaders accept criticism and new ideas? How about you? Do you need to hire a Heretic?


Are you allowing bad behaviors that are not consistent with your team’s values? Are you allowing an “end justify the means” mentality?


All of this free business advice from the Bible and radio preacher? You bet!

You may want to check out his web site at Insight for Living, …who knows you too may find yourself parked in your car and taking notes at lunch time.


6 thoughts on “Five questions a radio preacher asks to see if your business is heading in the wrong direction

  1. I love your post! Thank you for sharing the wisdom that you have heard from a Radio Preacher. I believe that these ideas can be very helpful in business or even in life. I totally agree that the bible contains the most powerful wisdom that we can apply to our life and business.

  2. Mark:
    Your blog is terrific. I’ve been reading some of your posts and one thing really sticks out: how positive it is. More than ever, we entrepreneurs need to associate with, and be influenced by, leaders like yourself who see the hope, and point out all the action we can and should take, even in difficult or challenging times.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice post Mark. Glad to see that you are bringing your faith into your blog and just being who you are. BTW, love the tagline for this blog: “It’s about serving your market, not selling them.” Amen to that:).


    Mark Y.

  4. Finding ourselves in the most challenging economic times since the Great Depression with no clear recovery anticipated for the near future rachets up the degree of difficulty business owners and managers will continue to face in keeping their organizations financially solvent and their dedicated staffs employed. Wise leaders will naturally be very receptive to wise counsel where ever it happens to come from.

    The Bible contains some of the finest general business principles ever written. For example, King Solomon, arguably the richest man in history, had much business related wisdom to share towards the end of his life. This wisdom was later documented in the Bible for the benefit of future generations.

    To the point, you are creating a “win-win” situation by incorporating biblical managerial principles in your blog. Specifically, you are providing insight to organizational leaders to help them weather the current economic storm; and you are creating an opportunity for God to draw along side men and women who desperately need Him at this point in their lives.

    Thanks much for taking this step in faith!

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